LIC-Deutschland GmbH

Gesellschaft für internationalen Creditschutz

Olpener Str. 671
D-51109 Köln
Postfach 800 705
D-51007 Köln

Telephone: +49(0)221 61 77 37
Fax: +49(0)221 61 36 36

Welcome to LIC-Deutschland

Your partner for worldwide debt collection

for more than 50 years

Outstanding balances which cannot be collected are lost money. We care for the recovery of your outstanding accounts all over the world.

Our long time experience in international debt collection and our specialized multilingual team and our cooperation partners guarantee a qualified debt collection of your outstanding accounts. Our success rate in the extrajudicial procedure is above average.

In the international collection business an efficient debt recovery is only possible with the help of reliable and experienced collection partners who are familiar with the legal requirements and customs in the country of the debtor and who contact the debtor on site requesting payment in his language and with regard to his mentality.

Due to our long lasting activity in the international collection business we maintain an international network of competent and reliable collection specialists with whom we constantly work together.