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Working method

I. Debt Collection in Germany

  1. Pre-legal debt collection
  2. Legal debt collection
  3. Enforcement procedures
  4. Insolvency procedures
  5. Enforcement of foreign judgements

1. Pre-legal Debt Collection

  1. Each debt collection case is individually checked and handled by our legally qualified staff.
  2. Upon receipt of the collection order we request the debtor immediately by dunning letter to settle the unpaid claim.
  3. If the address of the debtor is no more correct or if it is not clear who is the right debtor we conduct investigations (internet search, commercial register, trade licensing office, registration office).
  4. We check if the debtor is already listed in the debtor register or if an insolvency procedure is pending.
  5. If the debtor does not react in spite of several reminders we contact him by telephone and try to move him to pay.
  6. If the debtor cannot pay the claim immediately we conclude with the debtor an instalment agreement and supervise the payments.
  7. If the debtor has objections against the claim we discuss the objections with him. We try to clear up his objections and to dispel them.
  8. We conclude an arrangement with the debtor if you agree to this.

2. Legal Debt Collection

If it is impossible to recover your claim amicably we inform you about the costs of a legal procedure and about the prospects of success. We check the solvency of the debtor to help you to take a decision.

If you decide to start legal action we ask you to send us an advance of costs and a power of attorney for the legal procedure.

After receipt of the advance of costs and the power of attorney we engage an attorney in your name with whom we constantly work together. The attorney will represent you in the legal procedure.

During the whole legal procedure we and our contractual lawyers stand by you with information and advice to all your questions.


3. Enforcement Procedures

Once obtaining a judgement in the legal procedure we carry through forced execution in cooperation with our contractual lawyers. These include the following measures:

  1. Forced execution against movables by the bailiff
  2. Attachment of wages and bank accounts
  3. Request to declare an affidavit of means
  4. Forced execution against the real estate

4. Insolvency procedures

If an insolvency procedure is opened over the assets of the debtor our contractual lawyers lodge your claim upon request to the insolvency table and represent your interests during the whole insolvency procedure.


5. Enforcement of foreign judgements

If you have already obtained a foreign judgement our contractual lawyers can carry out an exequatur procedure for you and have the foreign judgement declared enforceable by the German court. Finally it is possible to enforce the foreign judgement in the same way as a German judgement.

If your foreign judgement has been confirmed as a European Enforcement Order we can enforce the judgement in Germany.


II. Debt Collection Abroad

You have your seat in Germany and want to recover a claim against a debtor in a foreign country.

No problem for us as due to our long-lasting activity we have cooperation partners in nearly each country. Our cooperation partners are selected and reliable debt collection specialists (debt collection agencies or lawyers) with whom we work closely together. Our cooperation partners are familiar with the laws and customs in the relevant country. They request payment from the debtor in his language and with regard to his country-specific mentality.

This guarantees an efficient collection of your claims with an above average success rate in extrajudicial procedures.

Should an amicable collection of your claim be exceptionally not possible we inform you after consultation with our cooperation partner about the costs for a legal procedure and its prospects for success. We check the solvency of the debtor to help you to decide for or against legal action.

During the whole legal procedure we remain your contact partner supporting you in all questions with our know-how, advice and assistance.